Understanding the Risks Involved in Delaying Your Whiplash Treatment

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on October 22, 2018

You’ve been involved in a car accident and have sustained whiplash. This will heal itself over time, won’t it?

No, it might not. 

Unfortunately, many patients make the mistake of trying to “walk off” their symptoms, but they could be putting themselves at a much greater risk of long-term complications. 

Below, we’ll look at what these complications are before exploring how chiropractic care is an effective whiplash treatment that can prevent these long-term problems from arising. 

The Ongoing Complications of Whiplash 

According to a recent study, victims who have whiplash that’s causing them a lot of pain and stiffness straight after the accident are more likely to suffer from some disabilities a year later. 

The research project looked at 141 adults who’d been to their local Emergency Room within 48 hours of being involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA). These patients were complaining of headache or neck pain and had no previous history of these symptoms. 

In general, most whiplash patients recover from their injuries. With just over 99% of patients improving within a month if they had lower scores for stiffness and preliminary pain. 

However, in those patients whose neck movements were significantly reduced, 75% still found themselves with this disability a year after their accident. 

What Are the Other Risks of Not Receiving Whiplash Treatment? 

Whiplash may not only leave you in chronic neck pain but may also cause other ongoing complications, such as headaches, pain that radiates down the arms, tinnitus, and vertigo. These symptoms can severely impact a person’s life, which may also affect their personal relationships, work life, and moods. 

The most difficult thing about whiplash, however, is that there is no specific medical explanation for it. This is why it’s imperative that an effective treatment is sought, even if your injuries don’t seem too concerning. 

Despite the fact that there is no “go-to treatment” for whiplash, there is one that is proven to work – chiropractic care. 

With nearly all whiplash patients noting an improvement in their symptoms when they visit their local chiropractor, it’s not hard to see why chiropractic is becoming a highly recommended treatment for whiplash. 

Receiving Chiropractic Care for Whiplash 

Combining various techniques that target the affected area, chiropractors work to increase mobility, reduce tension, alleviate pain, and realign joints. All of this works toward a happier and healthier you. 

Our chiropractor, Dr. Giovanelli, boasts 30 years’ experience and during this time has treated many whiplash patients. To book your appointment with him, call us today at 770-487-1228.

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