Alleviate Holiday Stress with Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on November 22, 2018

As the holiday season approaches, there’s only one thing happening – your to-do list is growing longer by the day. 

From a list of presents as long as your arm to the pressure of getting your home ready for guests, there’s no wonder 31% of Americans describe the season as “frantic.” And a whopping 49% of moms feel pressured to make their family’s Christmas “perfect.”

So how can you make sure festive stress doesn’t ruin your holiday season this year?

By visiting your local chiropractic clinic in Peachtree City, of course!

Understanding Stress and Its Effect On Your Body

What is stress? 

For many, it’s that overwhelming feeling that they simply can’t cope with all of the things they’ve got to do. 

And while this is at the heart of stress, it also has a huge impact on your health as a whole, both physically and mentally. 

Physically, stress can reduce the amount of blood flowing to your digestive system and limbs, it can increase your blood pressure and heart rate, and it can cause tension to build up in your muscles. Over time, this pent-up tension can have an effect on your nervous system due to the nerves being restricted in your spinal column. 

The result?

Your immune system cannot respond as quickly, leaving you feeling under the weather and constantly fighting colds and infections. 

Mentally, stress can take its toll in all areas of your life. And it can lead to you developing bad habits, such as eating junk food or smoking. You might also struggle to get a good night’s sleep. 

Why Should You Receive Chiropractic for Stress Relief? 

Chiropractors are able to alleviate the stress and tension that’s built up in the spine and all of its interconnecting muscles and tissues. And one of the techniques they use to do this is spinal adjustment. 

Spinal adjustment reduces pressure on your spine. This eradicates any pain you may be experiencing while ensuring the communication channels of your nervous system are in optimum condition. 

Massage therapy also complements this to offer a relaxing, mood-boosting treatment that helps you sleep better and feel more positive.

And as one recent study demonstrates, all of these techniques can keep the stress hormone, cortisol, at bay. 

Make This Christmas One to Remember

Make this Christmas wonderful - for all the right reasons! Booking an appointment at your local chiropractors will help you keep those stress levels in check while also showing you how to de-stress in all other areas of your life.

Book your appointment with our licensed chiropractor, Dr. Giovanelli, today by calling us at 770-487-1228.

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