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Still Struggling with Neck Pain Years After Your Accident?

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on August 13, 2020

Car crashes and other traumatic accidents can cause lots of internal damage to our bodies without us knowing it. Over time, these injuries will often manifest in seemingly unexplainable pains and aches. Whiplash is the common term associated with neck pain... Read More

Risks of Not Receiving Treatment for Whiplash

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on May 27, 2020

Being involved in a car accident of any magnitude is scary. Even the smallest fender-benders can cause significant damage to not only your vehicle but your body as well. While you may not feel any initial pain, you may later... Read More

5 Signs You May Have Whiplash After an Accident

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on September 5, 2019

Whiplash is a very serious bone and/or soft tissue injury caused by forceful impact – and is often associated with automobile accidents. The general medical term encompasses a number of painful side effects, including neck pain and stiffness – as... Read More

Is Chiropractic an Effective Neck Pain Treatment for Text Neck?

Written By John J. Giovanelli, D.C., P.C. on April 15, 2019

If you’re suffering from chronic neck or upper back pain, there’s a good chance text neck is the culprit. Although people think “text neck” is a fairly new phenomenon, it’s merely more common these days due to smartphones. In truth, people... Read More

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