Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in Peachtree City, GA

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Bursitis, Tendonitis, Trigger Points, and Plantar Fasciitis

If chronic tendon problems are plaguing your life, it may be time to try extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT). We were the first clinic in Georgia to utilize Extracorporeal Shockwave in 2011, and since that time, numerous research articles have shown its vast array of benefits.

Available at our industry-leading clinic in Peachtree City, this therapy works to alleviate your pain by targeting the area with shock waves that are administered externally.

The highlight?

This is a non-invasive treatment that’s conducted in the comfort of our chiropractic clinic – and without the potential risks and expenses associated with surgery.

What Is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy?

ESWT is used to treat a variety of conditions all over the body, in particular, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

How effective is it?

Many studies reflect the benefits of ESWT as a plantar fasciitis treatment, or a tendonitis treatment, with success rates reaching as high as 88%. And many patients noted an immediate improvement in their pain following their first treatment.

Each treatment lasts 10-30 minutes. During the procedure, your only experience will be the sound of the device clicking as it administers the shock waves.

What Are the Benefits of ESWT for Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis?

As we’ve seen, one of the key advantages of ESWT is its non-invasive nature. A benefit that is quite rare in the treatment of these conditions which are normally very challenging to cure.

For example, a huge concern when treating plantar fasciitis surgically is the complications it comes with. Some of these are very serious, including lateral column pain, injury of nearby structures (e.g. nerve ends), and instability in the foot. Patients are also at greater risk of infections, wound problems, and ongoing pain.

In contrast, there have been few noted complications or side effects associated with ESWT.

Enjoy the Pain-Free Life You Deserve

Since receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1988, Dr. John Giovanelli has taken a keen interest in all of the latest research. It was only natural, then, that the upcoming treatment of ESWT should be something he offered to his patients at the clinic.

Providing you with an effective, non-invasive, and proven answer to your painful condition, it’ll allow you to regain control of your life.

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